Crisis Coordinators

In their most basic form, Crisis Coordinators provide immediate assistance to their building and departments during an emergency situation, such as an evacuation, shelter-in-place, or secure-in-place situation. They assist the Office of Emergency Management in mitigating the immediate situation until the arrival of first responders and then continue to assist those trained responders throughout the incident. They also serve as an invaluable resource for educating the faculty and staff or their respective buildings regarding emergency preparedness and proper response to emergencies.

Crisis Coordinators, which are campus personnel who have volunteered to serve as immediate responders in case of an emergency, are trained to a specific level to ensure their ability to handle emergency situations. For a list of Crisis Coordinators, click HERE.

For more information on the Crisis Coordinator program or to join, contact the Emergency Management Coordinator for your campus. For a full list of training opportunities, click HERE.

Kennesaw Campus

Christy Hendricks

AED Locations: Kennesaw Campus

Marietta Campus

Michael Guerrero

AED Locations: Marietta Campus