Weather Monitoring and Lightning

Lightning is one of the nature's most dangerous severe weather threats. It is recommended that all outdoor campus events prepare and plan appropriately for the threat of lightning. The Office of Emergency Management recommends a 15-10-8 approach to lightning. This means that when lightning is within 15 miles, all necessary parties are notified to prepare for a potential shut down of the event. At 10 miles, actions are taken to prepare for the shut down of the event. At 8 miles, activities cease and everyone is moved indoors and remain there until 30 minutes have passed since the last lightning strike has occurred within an 8 mile radius. Once the 30 minutes has passed, outdoor activities for the event can resume. It is always the recommendation of the Office of Emergency Management that contingency plans be prepared when there is a threat of potential severe weather and/or lightning.  

OEM is also available to support any campus event for weather and lightning monitoring. Requests should be submitted to three days prior to the event date to ensure coverage and availability.